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still from TAYSIDE
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  • association: Dundee
  • association: Perth
  • association: Angus


An overview of Tayside, looking at its industries, towns, landscape and people. First Films of Scotland film to be made about one of the new local authority regions.


  • personality: Films of Scotland Committee - Production and distribution organisation f administrative records, production files, scripts, stills, marketing materials and programme booklets offer a discrete set of data on the infrastructure and distribution methods of a UK film agency, with evidence of audience and industry reception to the works both domestically and internationally in an era of transition from cinema-going to television viewing. These records can be consulted at the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive.
  • personality: Ogam Films / Oscar Marzaroli - Production company and documentary film-maker Ogam Films was dissolved in the early 1980s. Marzaroli returned to full-time stills photography. Martin Singleton remains one of Scotland’s most experienced freelance cameramen.
  • director: d. Oscar Marzaroli
  • sponsor: sp. Films of Scotland and Tayside Development Authority
  • cam. Martin Singleton, David Peat loc. sd. Alex Brown
  • producer: p.c. Ogam Films

Film Details

  • Fiction: non-fiction
  • Duration: 26.50 mins
  • Colour: colour
  • Sound: sound